Best Ways of Safeguarding Your Home and Pets from Ticks

Just like human beings, our pets and animals are also affected by different diseases that are transmitted by parasites, bacteria or viruses. The most parasite that feeds on the blood of our pets, especially dogs, is the tick. Ticks belong to a group of organisms known as ectoparasites because they attack the animal from outside, from the skin, unlike other parasites that attack from within. Tick prevention for your dog or cat is almost impossible, especially because you are never sure of how safe the other dogs are or how safe the whole neighborhood is. Your dog is always at a risk of getting infected by this blood sucking parasites. Mosquitos and ticks silent disease carriers, thus, it is crucial as a dog owner to always be keen in observing behavioral changes in your pets so that you can know when they are being infested. Also, observe if the dog becomes highly irritated and feels itchy. Some dogs experience mild to high fever, and some may lose appetite. Depression and pain are other discomforts that the dog suffers when it is infested with ticks. Among the most applied methods to protect your pets are:

Use of Shampoos and Tick collars
Washing your dog regularly with a tube of shampoo that has repellent ingredients is one of the best ways of protecting your dogs. The shampoo, unlike medicine and pills, does not affect your dog’s biological system. The collar also works on the same principle of repelling ticks. The collar should be in contact with the skin for the repellent to protect the dog’s head and neck area.

Use of Pesticides
The readily available insecticides are a very effective way of killing ticks. With the help of your veterinary doctor, you can choose a powder or dust form that will be applied on your dog’s skin, killing the ticks almost immediately. The benefit of this method is that it prevents tick-borne.

Going Natural
There are several dietary means of making sure that no tick comes close to your pets. One of the most applied home remedies is the use of garlic. Garlic is given to the dog as a supplement, and the smell repels both ticks and fleas. It should be noted that the garlic should be used in moderation. Apple cider vinegar is also used to increase the acidity on the dog’s skin, making it unconducive for any tick or flea to attach itself to the skin.

Environmental Tick Preventatives
To ensure that your home grounds are safe for your dog, it is very important to make sure that your backyard and the front lawn is safe for your pets. There are several non-toxic powders that have worms and other microorganisms that feed on ticks and are not harmful to human beings and animals.