5 Easy Steps to Grow Chili at Home

Actually there are 3 stages that must be passed to grow cayenne pepper at home, namely seed selection, seeding and planting. Seed selection and seeding is done so that the seeds planted are of good quality.
If you don’t want to be bothered with seed selection and seeding, you can buy chili seeds in packs. By using chili seeds in the package, you can immediately plant from the seeds.

Materials needed:
Chili seeds
Growing media
Perforated pot
Small shovel

How do you grow chili at home?

1. Prepare pots and fill with planting media

Make sure the pot is hollow, this hole is needed for the drainage system so that water can come out of the pot to prevent decay. Fill the pot with the planting medium to the limit of 5-10 cm from the lip of the pot.

2. Spread chili seeds

Use large pots for more optimal growth
Then spread the chilli seeds over the planting medium with a distance of 5-10 cm so that growth is more optimal. Sprinkle thinly on the planting medium on the seedlings.

3. Flush with clean water

Flush the chili seeds with clean water using a plant spray so that the seeds do not change position. Do watering twice a day in the morning and evening to maintain moisture.

4. Keep the pot out of direct sunlight

Move the pot to the shade, avoid direct sunlight. Cover with wet jute sacks or plastic if needed to maintain moisture. Moisture is needed in this initial growth process.

5. Separate plant seeds

After the fourth day, the leaves will begin to grow. You can move the seedlings into another pot. Be careful when moving the chili plant, not to damage the roots, also transfer some of the planting media into a new pot that has been filled with planting media up to 3/4 full. Then place the plant and add more soil around it. Flush 2 days a day using a spray, in the morning and evening.
Tips & Tricks

Spray for watering plants

• Pay attention to the time when planting and transferring seeds, the best time is before 9am and after 4pm. This is to avoid plant stress due to displacement of planting media and air temperature.

• The use of planting media at the beginning of planting will be more practical because it has been equipped with husks and compost as an initial nutrient for plants.
• Add fertilizer once a month to maintain soil fertility. Use organic fertilizers or fruit-specific fertilizers so that growth can be optimized.
Is it easy enough not how to grow chili yourself at home? Now you are no longer disturbed by the price of cayenne pepper that soars. You can reap chili in the third month, and if proper treatment is done such as watering, fertilizing and spraying fungicides, the chili tree will last a long time.
Let’s start planting chili at home!
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