Cooking Oil Business Opportunities

How to make cooking oil has a high quality is strongly influenced by selection of raw material itself and also quality machine you can get through Experience also determine how the quality of oil were produced. Why is that? Through the experience in manufacturing also experienced the learning process, through failure and success in making oil. As a result the longer or many processes are done then the results of cooking oil production was more qualified. If you really want to know and learn how to make so soon learned and practiced. The longer the delay, the more opportunity the chance to get many opportunities to make mistakes and achievements, to make cooking oil. At the end you yourself decide the expertise to make cooking oil for its own consumption, or just become a business that make money.

Choosing the Best Raw Materials

How to make cooking oil as previously discussed that is strongly influenced by the selection of the best raw materials. What is the raw material for making cooking oil? Of course coconut. How do I choose a good oil? In order to make cooking oil with quality guaranteed by the quality of the fruit have better fruit that was already old. Then the fruit is not in a state of cracked, broken, there are holes squirrels and so forth. Then how do I know the fruit is old? You can shake the coconut fruit. If it feels heavy and you can not hear his shock of coconut water in it then the fruit should not be used to make oil. Select the coconuts that have really old but not too old. Fruit that is old is coconut fruit when shaken will hear the splashing sound of coconut water in it. Besides the fruit also feels light. Old coconut fruit has a high oil content, while young fruit tends to be relatively low oil content. If using young coconut oil is produced will also only slightly. Similarly, when using fruit that is too old. Coconut too old usually in it has grown shoots. Growing shoots are delicious eaten.

Top Machinery and Equipment

To the right machine in the manufacture of cooking oil, you can see through GlobeCore. As for all kinds of equipment and supplies needed in the process of making the oil.

The process of making oil

If you already obtain high quality raw materials then you can apply the process of making coconut oil. You can try the following steps:

  1. coconuts which have been subsequently peeled or cleaned out of his skin. You can use some sort of tool or skinning a crowbar to pry the coconut fiber.
  2. If you have peeled and then solve and remove the water. You can hold them in advance either oil or coconut that has been broken.
  3. Coconut-coconut is broken then separated between coconut meat and coconut shell or shells. This method is known as gouged out. If all had been gouged out and then washed.
  4. Fruit shredded coconut then can use the tool user can also use a grater machines that can currently be bought at an affordable price.
  5. Once shredded and then mixed with water and squeezed to obtain milk.
  6. Then to separate the thick coconut milk and coconut milk diluted heating can be done early stages. The heating is done at least about an hour. The process of separation of thick coconut milk and coconut milk diluted done so that oil separation at a later stage heating is much faster. You can use bitumen modification because these materials will not make oil produced later become rancid.
  7. The next stage for warming to clean oil from the residue. Heating is carried out longer until completely left behind only oil and residue.
  8. If everything is finished and cold residue and oil separation process carried out by the screening process.
  9. residue left behind on the screening process and then pressed because they contain a lot of oil.
  10. If everything is collected, the oil and then packaged. We recommend using the oil bottle of glass or plastic. And store in a shady and dry.

The process is a way to make cooking oil in a way that is simple yet able to produce cooking oil with high quality because it is not rancid.