Screen Rooms are Delightful

Jacksonville screen enclosures are the ideal answer to be able to enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather at any time of the day from your early morning’s coffee sipping and newspaper reading into the warm evenings with their balmy breezes.

Any empty space on your property can be turned into a fabulous shaded indoor/outdoor oasis. It would be custom designed by a professional team in order to fulfill your dreams of how you want the ultimate in outdoor living to look and what you want it to contain.

You will be able to bring the outdoors inside in a comfortable area which allows plentiful fresh air, is free of bug and insect problems, gives protection against wind and rain and sun, blocks up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays, is made of high quality and durable materials, and has a solid roof that will deflect the sun’s heat.

The enclosure will be an essential part of your home for you and your family and guests to enjoy to the fullest and which will make entertaining a pleasure. It will also increase the value and looks of your property.

Your living space can be extended with details that will mirror your interior décor, if that is what you want, and easily blend in with your home’s architecture. A wide selection of plants, ambiant lighting, water features, decorative highlights, beautiful floors, stylish furniture, and other accessories will create an exceptional place in which to relax.

Once built, you can enhance the interior with flowers, shrubs, rock or other sculptures, a small waterfall, a hot tub, and other exceptional features that will turn the area into an exciting and unique outdoor sitting room.

CORE Outdoor Design in Jacksonville, Florida, will be happy to design and build your custom screen room to your specifications. Consult with them to have any of your questions answered and to get suggestions that will accomplish a very special final project. You can check out their portfolio to see what they have done for others and to get further ideas for your own enclosure.