Turn Your Detention Pond Into an Asset

If your property contains a detention pond, it was likely put there as a way to control storm water discharges. Without it, the streams into which your storm water flows could easily flood during those times of heavy thunderstorms. Detention ponds like yours can also help to prevent the water from flooding the adjacent properties. Whether your pond was put there as a permit requirement or a good-faith effort to prevent flooding, the fact remains that it is there, so you might as well take steps to turn it into an asset instead of an eyesore. Fortunately, there are companies like Atlanta Aquatics that can help with detention pond maintenance marietta georgia.

One of the biggest challenges facing property owners when it comes to keeping their detention ponds attractive is how to control the growth of algae. Because the water is not constantly flowing through the pond but is standing for much of the time, these ponds become prime spots for algae growth. When this happens, the water will turn an ugly green. It may also begin to give off a bad odor. This can cause visitors and other people passing by to form a bad first impression of your organization. On the contrary, having the water professionally treated will not only avoid the negativity associated with neglecting it, but it will take on an attractive look that onlookers will see as an asset due to its aesthetic contribution.

You will also want to take steps to control the presence of animals that may take up residence near the pond. Animals like muskrats and beavers will not only become a threat to the safety of visitors and other individuals who spend time on the property, but they can do structural damage to the pond. Keeping these unwanted pests out is in your best interest. Professionals will know how to do it in such a way that you do not end up with a reputation that you are not animal and wildlife friendly.

If you are installing a new detention pond, putting some thought in to its design up front will make it easier to give it a natural look. Otherwise, it may appear to be something that was installed as an afterthought. Getting outside help with the design may pay dividends in the long run. After all, you are going to have the pond anyway. You might as well make it pay off.